Create your own helmet en get attention on the slopes with one of our nice skihelmet covers!

A helmet cover for a great look and for those who have a ski- or snowboard helmet and want something else: Nice orange, a leopard skin, a cool army print or just a super cute animal, we can also print them with your name or logo. makes your ski helmet how you like it most. This way you do not always have to buy an expensive new ski helmet to follow the latest trends: Just put a helmet cover and ready! Also for children it is an additional motivation to wear a helmet, with their helmet cover they are the coolest on the slopes, and you will find them back easier because they stand out.

Wearing a skihelm is mandatory for children in Italy, Poland and large parts of Austria, in some countries you even pay a penalty if you do not wear a helmet. Wear one for your own safety and do not care what you look like because the helmet can be beautiful, but the base is that you have a good helmet to place a nice helmet cover around!

We print and make covers for: groups, classes, ski and snowboard helmets, bike helmets, skate of skateboard helmets, etc..

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